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clive’s world
Tuesday September 11th 2007, 12:47 pm
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We saw a bit of this video for ‘brain injury day’ in psychology class, and it is very fascinating. The part of Clive’s brain responsible for storing new memories into old memories was destroyed by encephalitis. He is completely a completely conscious, lucid, and intelligent human being, but he lacks any sense of the past or the future. Even stranger is that he has all his old memories in tact from before his disease, so every few moments for him is as if he’s awaking from unconsciousness. I couldn’t help but think how this might relate performance or video art. Perhaps they’re not so different from Clive himself.

“Clive’s world now consists of a moment, with no past to anchor it and no future to look ahead to. It is a blinkered moment. He sees what is right in front of him, but as soon as that information hits the brain, it fades. Nothing makes an impression, nothing registers…As soon as he’s perceived it, and looked away, it’s gone for him. So it’s a moment to moment consciousnesses, as it were, A time vacuum. And everything before that moment is completely void, and he feels as if he’s awakening a freshed the whole time.”

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